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Dependencies: Vault, Any economy plugin (example)
Soft dependencies: ProtocolLib









Code (Text):
/dr help
→ Shows a list of available commands you have permission to.
→ ultimatedrugs.help

/dr reload
→ Reloads the plugins configuration files.
→ ultimatedrugs.reload

/dr blockinfo
→ Displays details about the block you are looking at.
→ ultimatedrugs.blockinfo

/dr list
→ Displays a list of all configured drugs including details in sub GUI's.
→ ultimatedrugs.list

/dr give <player> <drug> <amount>
→ Used to give a player a certain drug.
→ ultimatedrugs.give
<player> = example: "Notch"
<drug> = example: "weed"
<amount> = example: "10" (Optional)

/dr seed give <player> <drug> <amount>
→ Used to give a player a certain drug seed.
→ ultimatedrugs.seed.give
<player> = example: "Notch"
<drug> = example: "weed"
<amount> = example: "10" (Optional)

/dr fertilizer give <player> <drug> <amount>
→ Used to give a player a certain drug plant fertilizer.
→ ultimatedrugs.fertilizer.give
<player> = example: "Notch"
<drug> = example: "weed"
<amount> = example: "10" (Optional)

/dr booster give <player> <owner only> <all drugs> <affected drugs> <multiplier> <stackable> <duration>
→ Used to give a player a drug booster.
→ ultimatedrugs.booster.give
<player> = example: "Notch"
<owner only> = true/false
<all drugs> = true/false
<affected drugs> = example: "weed,strawberry,..."
<multiplier> = example: "1.0"
<stackable> = true/false
<duration> = example: "60" (in seconds)

/dr boosters
→ Used to list and manage all owned boosters.
→ ultimatedrugs.boosters

/dr sell <player>
→ Used to open the GUI to sell drugs and related goods.
→ ultimatedrugs.sell
<player> = example: "Notch" (Optional)

/dr buy <player>
→ Used to open the GUI to buy drugs and related goods.
→ ultimatedrugs.buy
<player> = example: "Notch" (Optional)

Code (Text):
→ For auto replanting function of plants.
→ For ageable vanilla block auto replanting.
→ To bypass the configured per-player plant limit if set.
→ To limit plants based on type per-player.
→ To bypass the plant based limit.

  • You are not allowed to claim the source/binary code of the plugin as your own.
  • You are not allowed to decompile or modify this plugin without permission.
  • You are not allowed to share or resell this plugin.
  • You are not allowed to use the plugin on multiple different servers without permission.
  • You do not have a guaranteeing to receive any support for the plugin however we generally offer fast premium support in multiple ways.
  • Once you bought and downloaded the plugin it can't be refunded since it's a digital product.
  • I hold the right to adjust the price and terms of service whenever I want.
  • You automatically agree to the terms of service by purchasing the resource.
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