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Ресурс был слит и доступен для скачивания без подписки
  • Add support for Minecraft 1.19 (#196)
  • Add support to translate items in item frames (fixes #201) (#204)
  • Add support to translate items inside hover actions (fixes #202)

Bug Fixes​

  • Fix config auto-refresh task being incorrectly scheduled on Velocity (fixes #203)
  • Fix URL regex not matching TLDs with 5 or more chars
  • Fix deserialization of collection files without metadata field throwing an error on proxies

Under the Hood Changes​

  • Refactor of entity packet listeners for better readability and documentation
  • Add new Localized class to API that represents anything that has a language/locale
  • Fix bungeecord: true on Triton's config on proxies affecting behaviour
  • Fix plugin on Velocity generating Spigot's config file (fixes #181)
  • Fix Velocity being treated as Spigot in some parts of the plugin
  • Fix error related to the new fallback languages list (fixes #176)
  • Fix edge case formatting error on chat formatter
  • Fix TWIN downloader not being able to apply edits to translations on Spigot 1.8
  • Fix error when importing translation with null entry for a certain language
  • Fix error sometimes on executing commands for languages on BungeeCord on player join (fixes #177)