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Слив ShopGUI+ 1.44.1

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Сливы премиум плагинов и сборок



  • Complete, premade shops with lots of items
  • The best anti-dupe protection, even better than on some popular servers
  • Allows players to sell, sell all and buy items using convenient GUI
  • Sell multiple enchantments, permissions and commands to players
  • Sell preset mob spawners to players (supports SilkSpawners, MineableSpawners, EpicSpawners, WildStacker and UltimateStacker)
  • Supports multiple economies (Vault, exp, MySQL Tokens, PlayerPoints, TokenEnchant, TokenManager) at the same time
  • Separate log file to log shop transactions
  • Supports item-based economy (requires Gringotts and Vault)
  • Supports custom names, lores, enchantments, potions and fireworks
  • Allows you to set different prices for each player using item-based, shop-based and global price modifiers
  • Advanced amount selection GUI for buying or selling items
  • Multiple shops with per-shop permission support
  • Multiple page support in each shop GUI with buttons
  • Convenient "Go back" button to easily return to main menu
  • Customizable size of each shop GUI
  • Item placeholders to buy/sell items different from the displayed ones
  • Per-item permissions inside shops
  • 100% customizable messages, shops and items
  • Reload command to update shops without restarting the server
  • Efficient & high-quality code

Shop command aliases: /shop /shopgui /guishop
  • /shop - open the main shop menu (shopguiplus.shop)
  • /shop reload - reload the configuration (shopguiplus.reload)
  • /shop check - get information of the item held in hand (shopguiplus.check)
  • /shop [shop name] - directly open the specified shop (shopguiplus.shop)
  • /shop [player] [shop name] - open the specified shop (or main one if none specificed) for specified player (shopguiplus.others)
  • /sell hand [quantity] - sell the item held in your hand (shopguiplus.sell.hand)
  • /sell handall - sells all items inventory which are the same as the one being held in your hand (shopguiplus.sell.hand.all)
  • /sell all - sells all items from your inventory (shopguiplus.sell.all)
    Price modifier commands
  • /shop addmodifier item <player> <shop> <item> <value> [buy|sell] (shopguiplus.shop.addmodifier) - add item-specific price modifier
  • /shop addmodifier shop <player> <shop> <value> [buy|sell] (shopguiplus.shop.addmodifier) - add shop-specific price modifier
  • /shop addmodifier global <player> <value> [buy|sell] (shopguiplus.shop.addmodifier) - add global price modifier
  • /shop resetmodifier item <player> <shop> <item> [buy|sell] (shopguiplus.shop.resetmodifier) - reset player's item-specific price modifier
  • /shop resetmodifier shop <player> <shop> [buy|sell] (shopguiplus.shop.resetmodifier) - reset player's shop-specific price modifier
  • /shop resetmodifier global <player> <value> [buy|sell] (shopguiplus.shop.resetmodifier) - reset player's global price modifier
  • /shop checkmodifiers <player> (shopguiplus.shop.checkmodifiers) - check player's current price modifiers
Note: Item modifiers override shop ones which override global ones.


All command permissions have been listed above. However, players need additional permissions to access each shop. You can give or revoke access to particular shops by using the shopguiplus.shops.SHOP_ID permission node where SHOP_ID is the shop id from the shop yaml (for example shopguiplus.shops.food, shopguiplus.shops.armor etc.). You can use the wildcard permission node shopguiplus.shops.* only if you are using PermissionsEx or UltraPermissions (other plugins doesn't support it). Otherwise you have to manually add permissions to access each shop.
In order to ban player from accessing particular shop just negate the corresponding permission node.

Additional permissions:
  • shopguiplus.bypassgamemode - allows to access the shop when in a banned gamemode
  • shopguiplus.bypassworld - allows to access the shop when in a banned world
  • shopguiplus.buymore - allows to use the "Buy more" feature (it's set given to all players by default, negate it if you don't want them to have it)
  • shopguiplus.sellmore - allows to use the "Sell more" feature (it's set given to all players by default, negate it if you don't want them to have it)

  • Spigot 1.7.10 or newer
  • Vault 1.4.1 or newer
  • Economy plugin supported by Vault (eg. Essentials or EssentialsX)
If you want to sell permissions you also need one of following plugins:
  • LuckPerms 5.0 or newer (recommended)
  • UltraPermissions: 4.4.5 or newer
  • zPermissions: 1.3-SNAPSHOT-b6 or newer
  • PermissionsEx: 1.22.7 or newer
  • GroupManager: 2.0-Phoenix or newer
Other permissions plugins may also work but support will be given only to these listed above.

Following spawners plugins are supported but optional:
The plugin is incompatible with StackableItems plugin.
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