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MMOItems представляет совершенно новые типы предметов, такие как рубящее оружие, такое как мечи / кинжалы, колющее оружие, такое как копья, и тупое оружие, например молотки. Каждый предмет имеет свой уникальный эффект атаки, который зависит от его типа. Например, рубящее оружие наносит урон в конусе позади начальной цели. Колющее оружие наносит урон в линию, и, поскольку оно, скорее всего, поразит меньше целей, его коэффициент урона выше. Дробящее оружие наносит AoE-урон вокруг начальной цели. В MMOItems также представлены посохи, арбалеты, мушкеты и лютни, обладающие уникальным эффектом атаки. Некоторые предметы одного и того же типа могут даже иметь разные эффекты атаки (например, посохи с разными (настраиваемыми) анимациями атаки). Вы также можете создавать собственные луки, которые при использовании испускают частицы вокруг своих стрел.

Spoiler: Attack Effects

90 Item Options (wiki)
MMOItems comes with about 90 item options including item stats, display options, item attributes, abilities, recipe options, and many many more. An overview of the available options can be found below.

70 Item Abilities (wiki)
Item abilities are awesome skills you can bind to your items to make them even more unique. You can bind up to 7 abilities on each item. While some abilities help you defeat your enemies by summoning powerful projectiles, others may temporarilly buff you & your allies.
You have multiple ways to cast an ability. Some abilities can be cast by right/left clicking (or while sneaking), by hitting enemies or by being attacked by other entities, which makes a total of 7 different ability casting modes.
If you feel like MMOItems abilities are déjà-vu, you can add your own abilities to MMOItems using the MythicMobs skill creation feature.
Spoiler: Some Abilities
Item Sets & Full Set Bonuses (wiki)
Item sets can grant extra stats to the player when he wears multiple items from the same item set. This is an extremely powerful feature you can use to link different items. It incites players to use items from the same set just like in RPG games.
Depending on what you configure, item sets can give extra damage, damage reduction, maximum mana, critical strike chance... They may also grant permanent potion effects or even more abilities to the holder. Item sets can also give different stat bonuses depending on the amount of items from the same set the player wears.


Item Generator (wiki)
MMOItems features a powerful rule based item generator. The basic principle is to have item templates with basic item data, like material and default attack damage, and a list of item modifiers that the item can have.
  • The rarer the item, the more modifiers it can carry and the better the stats are. A modifier can give extra stat, an ability, an extra enchant, extra elemental stats or literally any other stats.
  • Every modifier has a prefix or a suffix to let the player know what special features the item has!
  • Numeric stats like attack damage, move speed, crit strike chance all feature powerful formulas so the item stats can scale on the item level: the higher the level, the better the stats.
  • This system lets you have simple items for beginners with less special features, as well as rarer items with more item modifiers, for higher levels using the very same "item template". The item generator is bound to the tier system: the tier determines how many modifiers an item may carry.
  • To reduce time spent in the configs, you can define global modifiers that you can use in different item templates.
  • Last but not least, the /mmoitems generate config lets you generate a random item with either a specific type, or a specific tier, or a specific level or all at the same time. This command also features an extra parameter so that the item generated matches the player's level or class to improve loot chest tables.

Spoiler: Item Examples

Custom Blocks (without Armor Stands!) (wiki)
MMOItems adds custom blocks with modifiable textures (using a resourcepack). Configure item break levels and create custom ores or use them as decorative blocks.
They don't use Armor Stands, they are fully physical blocks and function much like vanilla ones!
Spoiler: Custom Blocks in Action

Item Upgrading (wiki)
Using specific crafting station recipes or consumables, players can upgrade their items, granting better stats. Items display their current upgrade level on the display name and may have a maximum amount of upgrades as well as an upgrading chance. Using upgrading references, you may configure what items every consumable can upgrade. Using upgrading templates, you can have items gain the same extra stats when upgraded.
Spoiler: Screenshot

Crafting Stations & Custom Recipes (wiki)
A crafting station is a GUI which grants players access to custom recipes. There are two types of recipes: crafting recipes which players can use to create new items and upgrading recipes which players can use to upgrade their weapons/armors.
These custom recipes may require specific ingredients (vanilla or items from MI) and conditions, including level, class and permission conditions. Crafting recipes may also have a crafting time, which is essentially a delay players need to wait before claiming the crafted item. These items go in the crafting queue and can be claimed whenever the player opens the crafting station again later.
These stations can be opened using a command, therefore they can be easily bound to any NPC from Citizens, for example you could have a Blacksmith NPC which lets you create advanced gear like steel stuff.
Spoiler: Screenshot

Soulbound (wiki)
Players can bind items to themselves using specific consumables. Once their item is bound, other players can't use it and will take damage trying to use it, unless they use another consumable to break that soulbound.
Soulbounds are displayed on the item lore, but the info of an item can also be accessed using /soulbound while holding that particular item. Soulbounds also have levels. The level of a soulbound is determined by an item stat from the consumable item, when the soulbound is being created. This level determines how much damage other players will take. In order to break a soulbound, the level of the consumable breaking the soulbound must be at least the level of the soulbound.
Last but not least, creating or breaking a soulbound might sometimes fail depending on the consumables soulbinding chance/soulbound break chance.
Spoiler: Soulbound

Gem Stones (wiki)
Gem stones are a great way for players to improve the items they obtained. Gem stones can be bound to items to give them extra statistics like extra attack damage, damage reduction, movement speed... Items need empty gem sockets to receive gem stones. Applying gem stones might sometimes fail, and the player will lose the gem. However the gem socket will not be used.
You can also configure item type restrictions to make your gem stones only available for specific items. This way gem stones that give extra armor and max health can't be applied onto weapons.
Gem stones and item gem sockets have colors. You can only apply a gem onto an item which has at least one socket with the same gem color. Uncolored gems can be applied onto any socket. Any gem can be applied onto an uncolored socket.
Spoiler: Gem Stones


Item Glow and Hints
Rare items may glow when dropped. The glowing colors depends on the item tier.
Rare items also display their name above the item entity.
Spoiler: Screenshot
Item Deconstruction (wiki)
Players can deconstruct an item into another item using a special consumable. The item they obtain depends on the item tier. The higher the tier, the better the result will. Deconstructing an item can also drop materials that players can use by the advanced workbench to craft other unique items!
As seen on the screenshot, deconstructing the same item may drop different items, some being rarer than others. This new system brings an utility to all of the items players loot on monsters but can't use because they do not meet the requirements.
Spoiler: Item Deconstruction
Consumables are custom food players that can eat to regen their health, food bar, saturation level & to gain potion effects for a specific amount of time. Consumables can also send commands and cast abilities just like normal weapons. Unlike other items, they can be used to repair, identify or deconstruct other items.
Spoiler: Consumables



Unidentified Items (wiki)
Unidentified items are a cool way of adding some suspense & extra randomness to mob loots. Monsters may sometimes drop unidentified items. These items must be identified using a specific consumable in order to be used. Players are not able to see what the item does and what its stats are, unless they choose identify it.
Spoiler: Item Identification

Items with custom textures
You can easily add custom textures to your items (and helmets) using one specific item option, either by using 1.9's texture by durability mecanism or custom model data on 1.14. Since custom model datas are better because they let you keep the item durability bar, staying up to date (1.14+) is recommended to benefit from all the features of MMOItems!
Spoiler: Screenshot

Custom Durability System (wiki)
If you feel like a vanilla tool has not enough uses, you can use the custom durability system which is pretty similar to the vanilla durability feature; coupled with 1.14+ custom model data, new items possibilities are endless.
Any item can have a set amount of uses before it breaks. Items can be repaired using consumables to get some uses back, and this system also supports the Unbreaking and Mending vanilla enchants. Custom durability displays on the item vanilla durability bar like usual!
Items may break or just become unusable if their durability points reach 0 depending on how the item is configured.
If you however want to let your players know exactly how broken the item is, you can use placeholders from PlaceholderAPI to display the exact number of uses left for your item.

Item Edition GUI
You can edit any item using /mi edit <type> <id>. This menu makes editing much easier: you can configure anything about your item. Every step of editing is detailed, and are displayed only the statistics your item can have.
Spoiler: Item Edition Menu

Item Particle Effects
Every item can have a particle effect which will be displayed around the player when worn/held. There are currently 7 types of particle effects, and you can choose what particule to use each time. You can also give colors to the particles you are using e.g green redstone particles.
Spoiler: Item Particle Effects

Elemental Damage (wiki)
Elemental Damage defines the percent of your weapon damage that is dealt as elemental damage. Elemental Defense decreases a specific type of elemental damage. Particles display when hitting an enemy for every element on your item. Available elements: Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Thunder, Water.
Weapons with elemental damage have a chance to perform elemental critical strikes, which both increases damage dealt by elements and apply extra attack effects (Fire burns your target, Earth knocks up nearby enemies...).

Monster & Block Drop Tables (wiki)
You can set up complex drop tables for monsters and blocks. You can also drop unidentified items which will need to be identified in order to be used by players. Items from MI are also recognized in MythicMobs drop tables, which means you can make MM mobs drop or equip items from MMOItems.

Endless Possibilities
MMOItems comes with more than 60 pre-configured items. As new features are implemented, more sample items will be added to the default config to make the plugin more accessible. You can use /mi browse to open the item browser which allows you to explore all of the different items you created, sorted by their item type.
You can also make your items have random stat values, this way there might be better & more valuable versions of any item around your server.
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