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Head Database is a fast and user-friendly plugin that allows you to obtain thousands of custom Minecraft skulls that feature unique designs.
This easy-to-use heads plugin gives you access to creative designing opportunities that overall enhance the quality of your builds, and gives creative freedom to yourself and your players.

If you want to find more ways for your builds to shine, effortlessly, this plugin is for you!




Permission: headdb.open

/headdb or /hdb or /heads: Opens the user interface.
/hdb info | i: Shows information about the plugin and database.
/hdb search | s [input]: Search for heads in the database.

Permission: headdb.phead

/playerhead [name] or /phead [name] or /playerh [name]: Gives you a player's head.

Permission: headdb.admin

/hdb reload | r: Reloads the entire plugin.
/hdb random <player> <category>: Gives a random head from the database to a player.
/hdb open [player] <category/search>: Opens the database for a specified player (requires renamed category name).
/hdb give | g [ID] <amount> <player>: Gives a specified player a specified amount of heads.
/hdb base64: Gives you the base64 code for the head that you are holding.
Spoiler: All Permissions

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Use with Maven: (deployed on the central repository)
Code (Java):

<!-- HeadDatabase-API -->

Spoiler: How to use Heads in Custom Menus



mc.buildersrefuge.com - MC Version: 1.12
/public > /plot auto /hdb


Head Database is useful for and is used by many build teams! You may know some of them, such as...


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