CMI - 270+

Слив / Nulled CMI - 270+

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This plugin is made to be all in one plugin for server management and replace multiple outdated plugins. It can fully replace Essentials/EssentialsX and contains simple conversion commands to transfer old player data to new system. It offers more features than you expect and provides most needed tools for creating your own unique server with new game mechanics.
Features ranging from basic ones, like heal, to most advanced ones, like kit editors ingame, item finder across all possible containers, portal systems, self updating signs on so on.
Why its 15 Euro? Because its worth 150, but that would be too much to ask

Just check review section if you have any doubt about this plugin.
- Over 287 commands and this is not even including separate features
  • MySQL/SQLite database system.
  • Economy system with topbalance feature
  • Cheque system, to create items containing money
  • Advanced jail system
    [*]Hologram system

with full PlaceHolderAPI support WIKI

- Self updating sign with PlaceHolderAPI support

- Portal system with custom particles, custom commands and bungeecord support WIKI

- Mirror building by 11 different settups

- Armor stand editor with build in GUI

  • An integrated advanced auto rank-up system based on player statistics. WIKI
  • Send messages over bungee network
  • Toast (Advancement) type messages supported for custom messages or usage in locale

  • Send public messages over bungee network
  • Create custom placeholders to be used with plugin or with PlaceHolderAPI WIKI
  • Dye armor to any color you want or even make it change colors automaticaly

  • Attach a command to any item to be performed on item use. Ability to have item be removed after defined amount of uses. WIKI
  • PlaceholderAPI plugin full support
- Uses aliases system to simplify long commands (Can be enabled or disabled separately in config file)
- Customizable/animated and group based TabList system WIKI


- Flight charges. To fly by paying with money or exp. WIKI

- Have in-game custom alias editor to change any command to your liking. WIKI

- Global placeholder system
- Detailed player statistics

  • Option to edit players statistics by your liking.
  • Sell hand feature to sell items straight from your inventory. With build in possible exploit detection when setting prices.

- Create clickable blocks or even entities which will perform unlimited amount of commands. Includes option to charge players with money, exp or require specific permission node. Build in ingame editor.

  • Prevent monster spawning in defined worlds by defined spawn reasons.
  • Disable enchantments! Players will not be able to receive disabled enchantments using an enchantment table. GUI included

- Control totem behavior, such as the ability to use totems from inventory rather than in hand only! WIKI

- Custom text system to show defined text by performing defined commands by you. WIKI
- Kit system with integrated kit creation GUI WIKI
- Play time rewards WIKI
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