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Please read the full plugin page before buying. Reviews are not the place to send bug reports.

*Note, this plugin requires an internet connection to communicate with Mineskin and Mojang.

*NOTE: The current state of the plugin is BETA. Some limitations and or bugs might exist, but the plugin is otherwise stable.


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1.16 - 1.16.2 version:

1.15.x version:


Multi Character adds Multiple Playable Characters like GTA Online,

Each character has their own identity (name, skin and inventory). Your players can create up to 3 characters. Your staff will be able to switch between a preferred character or Staff Mode (using their own skin, and IGN).

  • An online mode server / Correctly configured BungeeCord server.
  • Vault (required)
  • PlaceholderAPI (Optional, but recommended)
  • An economy plugin (required)
  • A permissions plugin (required)

Got a question about the plugin, or need help. Feel free to message me on Spigot or send you question in the discussions tab.

Character Selection Menu:
An in world space menu showing the character you have, their information and their skin. You navigate the menu by pressing SNEAK or JUMP.

Spawn Location Selector:
Fully configurable spawn location selector. Every item and location can be changed in the config. Let your players choose between predefined locations or their logout location. When they choose an location, they will see an GTA V like spawning animation.



  • /mc reload
    Reload the config and language file

  • /mc logout
  • /mc switch
    Used to switch character

  • /mc save
    Save the data of the current character.

  • /mc id
    Tell you the ID of your active character,

  • /mc lookup <PlayerName / Character ID>
    Shows the data of the (active) character.
  • multicharacter.switch
    default: true
    Gives access to the logout / switch command.

  • multicharacter.id
    default: true
    Gives access to the ID command, to get the ID of a character.

  • multicharacter.lookup
    default: op
    Gives access to lookup command, to lookup info on a character.

  • multicharacter.save
    default: op
    description: Gives access to the save command.

  • multicharacter.admin
    default: op
    description: Gives access to admin mode and all commands.

Placeholders (PAPI):
  • %multicharacter_id%
    The character UUID.
  • %multicharacter_name%
    Full name of the character.

  • %multicharacter_birthday%
    Birthday of the character.

  • %multicharacter_nationality%
    Nationality of the character.

  • %multicharacter_sex%
    Sex of the character.

  • %multicharacter_owner%
    Player name of the owning player.

  • %multicharacter_skintexture%
    Base64 encoded skin texture of the character.

  • %multicharacter_skinsignature%
    Base64 encoded skin singature of the character.

  • %multicharacter_skinimgur%
    Imgur link to the skin of the character.
Append _playername to the placeholders to get info on the active character of that player. The placeholders returns N\A when no info is found.

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