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Reflex is a next generation machine learning based cheat elimination solution for your Minecraft server. Having one of the most elaborate and advanced checks out there, Reflex is able to easily differeniate the latest modern cheats from legitimate players, keeping all the cheaters away from your server without ruining game experience for fair users.


The main Reflex intention is to detect undetectable. Designed to flag what other anticheats don't, Reflex can detect the most advanced cheats which bypass the detections of other plugins.

At the moment, Reflex aims to detect combat enhancement attempts and some other hacks not detected by other solutions on the market. Later, it will also detect movement hacks and will become a complete anticheat solution. For now, it is still recommended that you use it with NCP or any other anticheating plugin with movement checks.

A complete list of hacks that have been proven to be detected officially is as follows:
Спойлер: Available Checks

Please note that this is not the full list of all hacks detected. There are also other modifications blocked by Reflex with alternative checks.


There are no reasons to believe the words nowadays. So here are some videos for you so that you can see Reflex in action. Watch them now...

...or convince yourself! The official Reflex testing server IP is:
Feel free to find any bypasses or false positives, accessible with 1.8x—1.17x clients.


Reflex is not just an anticheat. It has also got some cool features to emphasise it off the other solutions on the market! Here is a list of the main advantages of Reflex.

Modern - Reflex is using the newest techniques to eliminate cheaters in-game, with the most unique ways of checking.

Sensetive - Reflex is made to detect undetectable. Found something bypassing other anticheats? Then it's Reflex's time. Every check is heavily tested to work perfectly and differeniate the most advanced cheats.

Killaura check - Killaura, and the combat hacks in general, is the biggest problem nowadays. Most of anticheats on the market provide you some solutions to flag basic NCP killauras, but they can still be bypassed easily. Reflex provides you tons of intricate analyses to ensure the player is fighting legit, and is able to detect any combat hack. Whatever the cheater will try — rotation randomization, legitimate head movement, low range and attack rate, — they will still be kicked. Learn more...

Fast - Reflex is designed to work everywhere — from small and short gamemodes like SkyWars, to big and long ones like KitPvP and UHC. Reflex detects players as quickly as possible — just a few seconds and the hacker is away.

Themes - Reflex has got a unique themes system. Themes allow you to customize every single message in the plugin. Unlike a simple 'language.yml' configuration, you can have as many themes as you want, and switch them using a simple configuration setting. Feel free to share your themes with others — show this world what an awesome designer you are! Furthermore, themes allow us to localize Reflex to a variety of languages, so that everyone can just download it and choose the language they prefer, without customizing everything manually for hours! The default languages list can be found at the top of the overview. Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to translate Reflex to more languages or to add your theme in the default themes list!

Accurate -
Though Reflex is quick and efficient, it will not ruin game experience of legitimate players, even the most "skilled" ones! All the checks were tested intensively to work with minimal amount of false positives, gradually decreasing with each update.

Database support - By default, Reflex stores all it's data in files. "But I am running a Bungee network on multiple machines!" — we've got a solution for you. Reflex can also store the data and logs in MySQL/MongoDB databases, and using it's API, you can make it store everything in any database type you want!

Advanced lag leniences - Unlike other anticheats, Reflex does not simply disable its checks for players whose ping exceeds certain numbers. Reflex invents a unique Lag Points system. It works by evaluating a player's Lag Status and, according to it, adjusting the checks and applying various leniences. In a nutshell, the number of Lag Points is calculated by watching a player's behavior and computing so-called 'offsets', — the deviations from the norms. These offsets are then passed through an intricate weightage system, so that only the highest values matter and lower ones' importance is descending gradually, and divided by the total balance of the behavior model. Then, according to the players' Lag Points (LP) number, Reflex evaluates their Lag Status and does the magic that makes its checks working flawlessly with both lagging and 'one-ms' players.

Lagless - Each Reflex component is extremely optimized to ensure your server is clearly ticking 20.0 times in a second, with stable latency, and without memory leak issues.

Premium support - Reflex is updated regularly so that you can receive fixes and improvements quickly. Found a bug? Got a suggestion? Don't hesitate to contact us and you will get the response in the next 12 hours! The support is provided in English and Russian.

Affordable - Reflex is extremely cheap for it's quality and features! The price is fixed and will never go really high.

Configurable - Reflex's default config is simple and has most of settings hidden so that it looks more user-friendly. Only the main stuff is kept there — just everything you need. Click here for the latest Reflex config file.


The main advantage of Reflex is, probably, machine learning. Reflex can learn from players behaviour. The trained data is then used by Reflex to detect any combat anomalies. This works nearly perfectly againt any combat hack.

How does it work? Reflex collects some (much) data of a players behaviour in-fight, processes it and compares to the known datasets to find out if a player is possibly hacking. If a bypass or a false positive was found, it gets immediately learnt. Ain't no redownload will be required to update heuristic data — just reload your server and you are up to date with the latest AI knowledges.

Note: we do not let the customers learn the neural network theirselves in order to prevent damaging it. All the patterns are only learnt by developers. Don't worry, it is even better for you.


Owning a big minigames network or a high-online survival server? You should note that the Machine Learning component and some other Reflex analyses are slow and use a lot of CPU. In order to solve this problem, we provide you a Cloud Computings service! This is what Reflex will work like with Cloud Computings feature active:
(Your Server) Collect the data needed for analysis (almost no resources usage) → (Reflex Cloud) Do the heart of the check, evaluate the numbers and response with a simple result → (Your Server) According to the Cloud response, execute commands and do other simple lightweight stuff.
You should understand that economy of your resources means using our resources. This is why this feature is monthly paid. There is also a free 7 days trial available — join our Discord for details!

If the Cloud is somehow down, nothing dangerous will happen — Reflex will switch to the normal mode back automatically until it's up. 1 day of Cloud downtime = 2 extra days of use (key extension).



Reflex's Themes system enables you to customize every existing message in the plugin, which allows you to both make Reflex look the way you like and translate its messages to your server language.

There are three main reasons that make the Themes system better than just configuration options:
(1)You can have as many themes installed at once as you want. This allows you to switch between lots of themes quickly, by just changing the "theme" option in the main config.
(2)You can share themes you create with others. There are various reasons to: from desire to help everyone understand the plugin better by sharing translations, to wish of showing the world what a cool designer you are by sharing different color schemes or styles.
(3)Personalized themes. Reflex can pick up themes for each player automatically according to their client locale. For example, if a player joins your server with client language set to Russian, they will see all Reflex's messages in Russian, even if your default server theme is set to, say, German. (This can be disabled in case you really need to).
The default theme is available offline, in English, and online — in a variety of other languages from Russian and German to Japanese and Chinese. The translations are downloaded at startup in the '{working_dir}/themes/' folder.

The default themes are not editable and will reset once you restart the server in case they get changed. To create an own theme (design or translation), create a file named "{YourThemeName}.json" and copy the default theme in it from the translation you like or need (for example, if you want to create or modify an English theme, copy the text of the EN file; for German, use the DE file, and so on). NOTE: you must change the "name" and the "author" fields in order to use your custom theme. "name" — the name of your theme, must match file name without the ".json" extension. "author" — the author of the theme — your (nick-)name.

If you want your theme or translation get added to the default themes list (so that it's downloaded to everyone at startup), don't hesitate to contact us!


/reflex — Print out current Reflex version, and the heuristic (AI) data version it is running with.
/reflex help — Print a list of commands Reflex has with a basic explanation to them.
/reflex bc — Send everyone a given message.
/reflex kick — Kick a player off the server, with some visual effects.
/reflex delay — Run a specified command with a specified delay.
/reflex setdb — Set the database, which Reflex will hooked to, up.
/reflex reload — Reload Reflex configuration. Some settings might not be affected and require restart.
/reflex verbose — Toggle detailed debug info about violations in chat. Not recommended for normal use.
/reflex bypass — Let the given player bypass certain checks.
/reflex timings — Record a performance statistics data file. Useful if you wish to report lag issues, especially with /reflex dump.
/reflex dump — Creates a file with detailed informations about Reflex memory and thread usage. Useful if you wish to report lag issues, especially with /reflex timings.
/reflex debug — Creates a paste with detailed informations about your server which is needed when reporting bugs.
/reflex reset — Invalidates all caches for the given player, making him look like "just joined" player for Reflex.
/reflex notify — Acts similar to /reflex broadcast, but only sends message to players with the reflex.bypass permission.
/reflex packetdebug — Start/stop/save logging of packets Reflex sends to a player.
reflex.bypass — Get ignored by all the checks.
reflex.bypass.CHECK_NAME — Get ignored by the CHECK_NAME check.
reflex.command.COMMAND_NAME — Access the "/reflex COMMAND_NAME" subcommand.
reflex.verbose — Receive verbose in chat, if enabled.
reflex.notify — See notifications sent via /reflex notify.


Before requesting support, make sure it's impossible for you to solve the issue you're experiencing yourself or using ready-to-use community solutions, such as:

The main support rules:
  • Never use reviews to report nor ask anything. You will not be heard.
  • If you wanna be heard in the discussion, make sure to tag us @MeGysssTaa and @sinnlosername so that we receive a notification about your message, but keep in mind that discussion is a place to discuss, and thus we do not provide any kind of support there.
  • For general assistance, support and suggestions join our Discord.
  • For bugs, bypasses and false positives use the Github Issue Tracker.
PM'ing us on Spigot is also a way of contact, but it will make you to wait longer than in any other places. Discord is the most recommended one.


Reflex has also got some useful API for developers, which can be used to make an own autoban system or something similar hooked with Reflex.

See our Wiki for details and instructions.
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