AAC(1.8-1.17) Отличный анти чит для сервера майнкрафт

🔒 Слив AAC(1.8-1.17) Отличный анти чит для сервера майнкрафт 5.2.0

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  • Fly (Move)
  • Speed (Move)
  • Glide (Move)
  • FastFall (Move)
  • Spider (Move)
  • HighJump (Move)
  • LongJump (Move)
  • SelfDamage (Move)
  • MiniJump (Move/Criticals)
  • Blink (Move/BadPackets)
  • Jesus (Move)
  • Timer (Move)
  • Sneak (Move)
  • Phase/NoClip (Phase/Move)
  • Vclip (Phase/Move)
  • FastLadder (Move)
  • Some types of derp (Move/Derp)
  • Some types of step (Move)
  • Killaura/Forcefield (FightSpeed/Killaura/Hitbox/Move)
  • Aimbot (Killaura/Move)
  • Click-Aura (Killaura/Hitbox)
  • FightBot (Killaura/Hitbox/Move)
  • Anti-Knockback (Knockback/Move)
  • Reach (Hitbox/Killaura)
  • Criticals (Criticals/Move)
  • FastBow (FastBow/BadPackets/Move)
  • Regen (Regen/BadPackets/Move)
  • FastEat (FastUse)
  • NoPotion/Zoot (BadPackets/Regen/Move)
  • NoSwing (NoSwing)
  • ForcePush (BadPackets/Move)
  • BoatFly - 1.9+ (Move)
  • ElytraFly - 1.9+ (Move)
  • Nuker (FastBreak)
  • FastBreak (FastBreak)
  • Build (FastPlace)
  • FastPlace (FastPlace)
  • CivBreak (FastBreak)
  • NoSwing (NoSwing)
  • NoBreakDelay (FastBreak)
  • GhostHand (Interact)
  • Freecam if you break blocks (Interact)
  • Liquids (Interact)
  • Some types of Scaffold (Interact/Move)
  • AAC.bypass: op. Bypass AAC's checks
  • AAC.reload: op. Allows usage of /aac reload
  • AAC.status: op. Allows usage of /aac status
  • AAC.manage: op. Allows usage of /aac manage
  • AAC.moderator: op. Allows usage of /aac moderator
  • AAC.notify: op. Send/recieve staff chat and aac's notifications
  • AAC.verbose: op. Receive detailed information on suspected players
  • v4.1+ AAC.banvl: op. Allows usage of /aac banvl command
  • /aac: Shows version of AAC
  • /aac help: Shows available subcommands
  • /aac reload: Reload AAC's check and the check-related part of the configuration.
  • /aac status: Shows current time, amount of online players and lists enabled checks
  • /aac manage: Shows a gui to enable and disable checks on the fly (not saved to config)
  • /aac moderator: Shows a gui with a long-term vl overview of online players (might take a longer time for the server to gather all skins of the player heads)
  • /aac notify [message]: Send a message to all people with the AAC.notify permission. Will be called by the staff chat prefix.
  • /aac verbose: Toggle verbose output ingame for all players.
  • v4.2+ /aac verbose [player1] ([player2] ...): Toggle verbose output ingame for specifc players.
  • v4.1+ /aac banvl [vl] [player] ([info...]): Add vl to permanent violation counter of bans.yml with optional information.
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